Walk the talk: pursuing sustainability in the midst of a global pandemic

photo from unsplash

Coffee beans supplied in 100% compostable pakaging

photo by the author
  • taste
  • fair-trade & sustainability
  • locally roasted to minimise carbon footprint

Coffee Cups & Lids: recyclable or compostable?

photo by the author
photo by the author

How to encourage consumers behaviour change?

Putting my sustainability hat on: what would be a good solution to incentivise customers to change their behaviour?

  • 25p discount for reusable cups
  • latte levy

Reusable cup system: it takes a village

The most exciting pilot project that I recently read about scaling a reusable cup system across clusters of local cafes in the City of San Francisco and City of Palo Alto, CA. The initiative (NextGen Cup) is launched by Closed Loop Partners, with founding partners including Starbucks and McDonald’s.

photo by the author
photo by the author
  1. ReLondon (former London Waste and Recycling Board): A circular economy guide for the food service industry (2020)
  2. Sustainable Restaurant Association: Unwrapping Plastics (2020)
  3. House of Commons: Environmental Audit Committee report on Disposable Packaging: Coffee Cups (2017)



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Jie Zhou

Jie Zhou


Current student of MSt Sustainability Leadership@ Cambridge University (2020–2022)