COP26 Reflection: What Have I Learnt From Indigenous Leaders?

Pic 1. Protestors outside of COP Blue Zone (Scottish Events Centre)
Pic 2. The illuminated Earth at the Blue Zone
Pic 3. Amazônia at COP26
a super cartoon on a wall of the main corridor at COP26, by Betje
Pic 4. Indigenous leaders speaking outside of the blue zone
  1. A clear vision
  • a seat at the table: only a handful of countries, such as Ecuador, have included Indigenous members on their official delegations, so that
  • the right of Indigenous people is also respected, promoted and considered, which now has been acknowledged in the COP26 cover decision eight times.
  • regarding their most concerned Article 6 on international market of emission trading and offsetting, they asked an international grievance mechanism be established which can be used whenever their rights are violated. Critics warn that such carbon credit schemes often rely on sequestering land, forests and rivers relied on by indigenous and local communities.



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Jie Zhou

Jie Zhou


Current student of MSt Sustainability Leadership@ Cambridge University (2020–2022)